Saturday, 6 May 2017

Gotham Gambhir Has Not Forgotten The Dispute, Says Afridi

Former Pakistan T20 cricket team captain Shahid Afridi said that Gotham has not forgotten the dispute we had during the mathch back in 2007. He said that Pakistan and Indian players have generally got friendly attitude with each other but Gotham’s case is different.

Afridi said that Gotham is not friendly at all and it is not possible that we are found together in a coffee shop.

He claimed that I forgot that incident as a part of the game and moved on but Gotham has not moved on yet. My all best wishes are with him.

He also said that Yuraj Singh, Harbhajan Singh and Zahir Khan are good friends of mine and when ever Pakistan and Indian teams met in the past the time used to be spent pleasantly.

Boom boom also shared an interesting memory that once the Indian team toured Pakistan and invited Indian team for dinner at my home situated in Karachi, but I forgot to maintain the priority of the menu.

He further said that I got the food cooked in pathani style that included lamb and mutton dishes. When the food was served, the silence was all over the place in the room and my Indian friends were 
looking at each other’s face. That point of time I realized that my honorable friends do not eat such kinds of food.

Shahid Afridi also admired Virat Kohli and said that I would remember Virat Kohli forever for giving me a shirt as gift.

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