Monday, 8 May 2017

Fundamental Steps to Control Chikungunya

World health organization’s (WHO) team consists of nine members advise the government of Pakistan to take fundamental steps to control Chikungunya.

World health organization’s (WHO) team after three days visit of Korangi, Lyari, Bin Qasim and Malir affected by Chikungunya in Karachi they submitted their report to ministry of health Sindh.

(WHO) team and the members of ministry of health decided to work on removing this prevailing disease by taking serious actions. So that the environmental condition to be improved. 

The ministry of health has received reports of 2076 cases so far but only 239 persons’ blood samples were sent to the national institute of health Islamabad and 183 results were found positive.

The signs and symptoms of Chikungunya are quite similar to signs and symptoms of dengue. And the symptoms are fever, joint pain, headache etc…

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