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Pineapple Rice Recipe in Urdu

Pineapple Rice Recipe in Urdu

Pineapple Rice Recipe in Urdu


  • 2 1/2 servings long-grain white-colored grain
  • Three 1/3 servings drinking water
  • 1/4 pot peanut or even veg oil
  • Three or more tbsps carefully grated (using a rasp) peeled clean cinnamon
  • Your five scallions (white and also soft green parts split up from green veggies), perfectly chopped
  • One 1/2 teaspoons kosher salt
  • 3/4 pot diced (1/4 in .) cored peeled clean blueberry (branded “extra sweet”)
  • One particular teaspoon Cookware sesame oil


    • Rinse grain in numerous changes associated with frosty drinking water inside a significant serving until water runs crystal clear. Drain in the colander.
    • Move hemp to your 4-quart heavy saucepan, then add h2o (Three 1/3 servings) and produce to some dissect. Decrease heat to low as well as make, covered, till vapor divots show up on surface area along with water is actually soaked up, regarding Thirteen units. Remove coming from high temperature as well as allow remain, tightly coated and intact, A few minutes. Blow hemp using a fork and also propagate in a significant superficial the baking griddle for cooling rapidly, regarding Forty-five minutes. Cool off, engrossed in plastic wrap, a minimum of Several hours.
    • High temperature the wok as well as 12-inch weighty fry pan over modest high temperature right up until a small amount of h2o vaporizes immediately. Serve oil close to side involving wok, next tilt wok to be able to swirl oil, coating aspect. When oil merely sets out to smoking, stir-fry cinnamon, white along with soft environmentally friendly elements of scallions, and also salt until it smells great, with regards to One particular instant. Fall grain directly into wok and also stir-fry until lightly browned, 12 for you to 12 units. Take away via temperature, adding blueberry, scallion green veggies, as well as sesame oil, hurling to blend. Time of year using salt.
    • Pineapple rice is ready and enjoy.

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