Saturday, 24 June 2017

ICC Announces To Send World Eleven to Pakistan

The international cricket council (ICC) has announced to send world eleven to Pakistan in September in order to restore international cricket back in Pakistan.

ICC board says that we agree to hold 4 T20 matches series in Pakistan between world eleven and Pakistan which is going to be the first step to restore international cricket back in Pakistan.

The international cricket doors were closed for Pakistan when Sri Lankan was attacked by the terrorist, since then Pakistan have been playing their home series in UAE.

Early in this year Pakistan super league’s (PSL) final was successfully held in Lahore due to which ICC decided to send “World Eleven” to Pakistan.

According to the British news paper the ICC will reckon the security issues in Pakistan by organising these matches.

The “World Eleven” team will selected on 17th of September in Dubai. 4 T20 matches will be played in Lahore on 22, 23, 28, and 29 and the security will be as same as it was in PSL’s final.

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