Thursday, 27 April 2017

ICC Members Vote Against Big Three System

International cricket council's full members voted against Indian cricket board (BCCI)and big three system.

ICC members agree to introduce a new financial model and some changes in governance which is really crucial to remove big three system.

Indian cricket board (BCCI) was the only member to vote against new financial model and two other members along with BCCI voted against new governance model.

New financial model got 9 votes and 1 against while governance changes model got 8 votes and 2 against.

Although the new constitution of ICC has got the majority vote, it will have been implemented after being approved in annual conference in June 2017.

BCCI rejected ICC's settlement offer around $400 million and demanded $570 million.
The chairman of Pakistan cricket board (PCB) Shehryar Ahmed Khan already made it clear that Pakistan supported big three in 2014 on a condition of six bilateral series between India and Pakistan between 2015 and 2023 and India also had signed MoU.

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